Filmography Matthias von Gunten
1953 born in Basel, Switzerland
1975-80 Studies at HFF Munich (Film school Munich)
1988 JOURNEYS INLAND (Reisen ins Landesinnere), poetic documentary for cinema about five people in my country, 95’, several festivals, among which Berlinale, London, Chicago, Sydney
1993 BIG BANG, 88’, documentary about the human research of the beginning of the universe
1996 NEW FACE (‚Ich möchte auch ein Gesicht wie die anderen’), 42’, TV-documentary about a young man who recieves due to a genetic disease a new face
1998 FAREWELL TO DEATH? (‚Abschied vom Tod?’), 53’, TV-documentary about two Aids patients who escape the expected death thanks to new medicaments
1999 COINCIDENCE IN PARADISE (‚Ein Zufall im Paradies’), 89’, documentary about the research of human origins, different festivals,
2000 THE CHILDREN FROM BRANCACCIO (‚Die Kinder von Brancaccio‘), 52’, TV-documentary about children living in Palermo, Sicily, in the mafia-controlled quarter Brancaccio
2003 THE COUNTRY’S STRONGEST AND BRAVEST (Die Wägsten und Besten des Landes), 89’, documentary about two of the most successful swiss wrestlers with a lot of emotions in swiss country life
2004 JOURNEY AGAINST HUNGER (Voyage contre la faim’), 52’, french TV-documentary about Jean Ziegler’s journey to Ethiopia as UN-special-rapporteur against hunger
2008 MAX FRISCH CITOYEN, 94’, poetic cinema documentary about the last, great Swiss Intellectual Max Frisch
2009 TOWNSHIP BALLET, 53’, TV-documentary about two young south africans who had grown up in the largest capetwon township and who became successful professional dancers
2011 ZÜRICH TRANSIT, 52’ cultural TV-documentary about Max Frischs dream and failure to realize an own film project
2014 THULETUVALU, 96’, documentary about people in Thule, North-Greenland, and Tuvalu, a Pacific Island State, who face in both places dramatic changes in their lives and cultures due to the impacts of global warming. Several festivals among which Nyon, Hot Docs Toronto, Dok Fest Munich, Dox Copenhagen, Locarno, Stockholm, Helsinki